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On the Issues

Jobs and the Economy

Thanks to President Trump, our national economy is the strongest that its been in decades, and unemployment rates are at a historic low. A strong economy means opportunity for all generations. America is thriving because people who want to make an honest living and save a few dollars are able to do just that.

Our Georgia economy is booming too, but too many people in our district are having to sit in hours long commutes for their jobs. As your congressman, I’ll work to bring more jobs to Georgia’s 14th District so you can spend less time commuting and more time at home with your family.

National Security and Veterans

There is nothing more important than keeping the people you love safe. I joined the Air Force 10 years ago because I felt the call to protect my family and my country. With terrorist threats on the rise, our national security needs to be Congress’ top priority.

A strong military is critical for a safe and prosperous America. If elected, I will ensure that our military has the resources and technology it needs to deal with any threat to our national security, at home or abroad.

And we can’t forget about our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines once their missions end and they return home. As a vet, I’ve seen firsthand how broken the VA healthcare system is. It just isn’t working, and I’m committed to fixing it because our vets deserve better.


We spend a lot of time on the road everyday. Whether it’s commuting to work or picking the kids up from school, dodging countless potholes and sitting in hours of traffic affects our quality of life.

Georgians shouldn’t have to worry about bridges collapsing or roads crumbling. As your congressman, I’ll work to improve our infrastructure.


Healthcare isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. Our healthcare system has veered way off track, thanks to bad policy like Obamacare. You should be able to decide what kind of healthcare plan is best for your family, not the government. The lack of competition in the market drives up costs and wait times, and limits the quality of care.

We need to get the government out of our healthcare system so Georgians have access to affordable, high-quality care on their own terms.

2nd Amendment

Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens won’t keep bad people from doing bad things. Period.

Georgians should be able to own guns for hunting or self-defense if they choose to do so. Owning a firearm is a constitutional right, no matter how hard Washington liberals try to fight it. If elected, I will protect our Second Amendment rights in Congress.

Right to Life

As a conservative, I believe in the individual rights of all human beings, including those in the womb.

Not every woman who conceives a child is ready or able to raise a child. We need to expand access to education and alternatives like birth control and adoption services. Women need a compassionate solution to prevent them from feeling like abortion is their only option.