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Ben Bullock is an Air Force veteran and a Georgia small businessman.

Growing up in Georgia, Ben learned the values of hard work, faith, and service. His family’s roots run deep in the 14th congressional district and he is excited and honored to continue his work in public service in a region where his family has more than 200 years of history. He went to public and private schools in Georgia, then graduated from the University of Georgia and Wharton Business School. Ben’s military service as an intelligence officer spans 10 years (four active/six reserve). He currently serves at the rank of Major.

While serving in uniform, Ben came to know firsthand the importance of building and maintaining a strong military. As a young captain serving at the Pentagon, Ben witnessed the lacking national security knowledge on Capitol Hill. This formed his outlook that strong military leaders in elected office are vital for protecting our country.

Ben Bullock in the U.S. Air Force

In 2010 Ben commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, earning the honor of Distinguished Graduate from Officer Training School. He went on to serve at the Pentagon, where he directly supported the White House, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense. He was instrumental in informing U.S. counter-terrorism policy for the Afghanistan/Pakistan Task Force and was published nine times in the President’s Daily Brief pertaining to military strategy in the Middle East and South Asia. As a liaison between Joint Staff leadership at the Pentagon and special operations teams forward deployed, he was selected to brief the Special Operations Joint Task Force Commander and Secretary of Defense country directors on tribal militant tactics, and led a cross-agency team of analysts to uncover jihadi threats throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan. Furthermore, he assisted in special operations targeting of Middle Eastern terrorist threats. Most recently, Ben served overseas in Stuttgart, Germany, where he directly supported combatant command leadership at the United States Africa Command. Ben has been awarded two Joint Service Commendation Medals, the Joint Service Achievement Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the National Defense Medal, and the Air Force Longevity Ribbon.

Whether dealing with threats overseas, at our borders, or on American soil, Ben will take his military experience to Congress to continue serving and protecting this great nation.

As a small business owner, Ben understands the principles that big government has ignored for decades. Be efficient, operate on a budget, and don’t become encumbered by massive debts. Ben’s company manages real estate. They have successfully improved several properties by increasing profit, and are continuing to grow. Ben will use his business experience to tackle our nation’s out of control spending problem and swelling national debt. Furthermore, he will make sure that federal government regulations continue to decline so Georgia businesses can prosper. Ben has signed the front of a paycheck and the back of a paycheck. He understands how Georgian’s rely on small businesses to put food on the table and protect their families through quality health insurance.

Ben and his wife Sydney met in preschool and started dating after they both graduated from the University of Georgia. After traveling the world for military service and careers they decided to come back home to Georgia to raise their two daughters, Anna and Daly. Faith and family are central to the character of the Bullock family. They have a sign in their kitchen that says: Work Hard, Be Kind. That’s why they came home; to raise their girls with the hard-working, good people of Georgia.